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JONES criteria for Acute Rheumatic Fever Diagnosis

Required Criteria - At least 1 required for positive diagnosis.

Positive throat culture or rapid strep test 

Elevated or rising streptococcal antibody titer 

Major Criteria - 2+ required for positive diagnosis (or 1 with 2+ minor)

-J -joint - migratory polyarthritis

-O-(heart shape) - carditis, vulvitis

-N-neuro - Sydendham chorea

-E- erythema marginatum

-S-subcutaneous nodules

Minor Criteria - 2+ required for positive diagnosis with 1+ major.



Elevated acute phase reactants (ESR and CRP)

Prolonged PR interval

Cases of isolated chorea, indolent carditis, or recurrent attacks of rheumatic fever are more suggestive of rheumatic fever regardless of the presence of other Jones Criteria. In these scenarios, ARF is the presumptive diagnosis until proven otherwise.